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Once all struggles are grasped, miracles are possible.

When our EX- president Obama was in the governance, He once at Las Vegas said that “There are brilliant students from all over the world sitting in classrooms at our top universities, Once they finish school, there is a good chance they will leave the US to start a business or create jobs in China, India, Mexico or somewhere else” from their the US government started understanding the core value of international students in the work space and the major share they put on the economy.

With My OPT Jobs we understand the struggles through which international student have to go through, because since we came up with the idea of assisting international student who are aspired to achieve the great heights, we face almost every time the same chronicle of students being ignorant of the job hunt.

When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless.

Every International student who is studying here has a dream to earn in dollars. But to get a job in the United States of America is not easy. We all know that every government wants to put their citizens at best and then rest for the non Americans. The most common situation faced by mostly every international student is the lack of guidelines about your path way to your career which results to the misleading or sometimes the end of your international journey.

Here at My OPT Jobs, we have a team or say a big family bound together with a motive to help every international student who is far away from the home land to chase their dream. As America gives you a wide opportunity to explore your talent, discover your goals, a 360 degree spin to the competitions but there are few dark side aka harsh reality and that is Unemployment. At the My OPT Jobs, we were bought together to team up and give our best of knowledge to give your career the most accurate exposure.

No one on earth can save you from the hustle you are supposed to do but in that journey of unknown hunt, My OPT Jobs can surely be your torch bearer. We have a great on field knowledge about the market, the norms about placement world and the great contact with thousands of employers who magnifies the real talent. My OPT Jobs is a simple bridge between the employers and the employee. We have a great experience and lots of happy and satisfying placements.

At My OPT Jobs we provide you a platform to present your skills and meet the right employer as per your core skills. Our main focus is to support the international students on OPT jobs, CPT jobs, F1 jobs, STEAM jobs. We target mainly the placements through which you can get your H1B sponsorship.

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In this service our marketing team covers the large number of clients in just few clicks. By filtering your job description we reach out the maximum number of employers and through this the guaranteed results come.

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This is no more a mystery that the way to a good job is a good resume. A good resume simply means through which a employer can get a knowledge about the candidate.

Training & Placement

Here we offer a best of training and placement program through which you can get trained by our highly qualified and most importantly experienced trainers.

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Our trained and experienced team of resume marketing, reach out the right employers through your preferences whether its location or job description.

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